Mint NFT just for 0.069 ETH during the second round of Mint and sell it for more!

Do you still panic because of the market?

Keep calm – NFT is a great way to earn. But it’s important thing in NFT is to chose a “right one”

As for me, AngelBlock NFT collection is one of the best for the last time.

AngelBlock NFTs are a collection of 6,900 unique and programmatically generated NFTs with vastly varying traits, attributes, and rarity. They sold almost 1k NFTs just for half of hour. Could you imagine?

Besides, AngelBlock NFT holders will get access to:

full IP ownership, access to AngelBlock events & hackathons, bonuses for community members, investors & startups, verified PFP on AngelBlock platform, NFT Staking for THOL, merch drops for NFT holders and much more.

Isn’t that fantastic?



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4 thoughts on “Mint NFT just for 0.069 ETH during the second round of Mint and sell it for more!”

  1. Looking forward to get some Angel block merch, I hope we will see some caps and hoodies. Angel Block team announced that we will have more news related to the staking next week, the summer gonna be very very hot for the Angels and Demons NFTs.

  2. And AngelBlock is gonna operate in the fundraising area of crypto, launchpad..
    Seems like these NFTs are only a start of something really needed in crypto and that’s democratizing fundraising ,no more greedy VC’s i guess 🙂

    One of the NFTs did a 60x allready ,nois

  3. Right you are!

    The collection is huge, great and unique. I also have some of their NFTs and I like the utility they offer. Currently, I’m waiting for the second round of NFT Mint from AngelBlock and for the THOL launch.

    The project going to be huge!


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