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* [**Metaverse Meetup: Minting Audio NFTs**]( **Hosted by** [**EOS Miami**](

>YEAH BOiii COLE, formerly known as Cole Whittle, is a solo artist, visual performer, and philosopher. He rose to fame as a founding member of influential rock bands Semi Precious Weapons, and MTV VMA Best New Artist, DNCE. YEAH BOiii COLE’s innovative debut album, ANTIBODY SUPERSOUL, takes listeners on a genre-bending journey through the mind, body, and soul.
>In the NFT space, YBC has challenged trends and norms from the outset. His album was the first full-length album NFT ever on platform Known Origin. His performance art, meditation, and animation NFT’s have a voice and empowering message all their own. In 2022, YBC will release a new NFT album, and continue integrating himself into all corners of the metaverse.
>Flaunting a uniquely wild and art-forward approach to music, fashion, and life, YBC has become a symbol of self-expression to many young people around the globe. Cherishing this role, he is extremely active as a mindfulness coach through his motivational podcast “AGGRESSIVE KINDNESS” in which he shares his system of self maximization.

YBC’s NFTs [

YBC’s Newest Album “Antibody Supersoul” [


Meetups in the Metaverse is a talk + networking series that’s highlighting artists/creators/community-leaders who are contributing to the development of the Metaverse at large.

As the Metaverse expands, what new capacities do we have for establishing human connections, for creating art, for building our brand, for learning new skills? Meetups in the Metaverse aims to demystify the new digital frontier by bringing you face-to-face with the leaders who are helping to shape it.



Curious about the metaverse now? Explore it yourself (BEFORE THE EVENT) using the link above. We’ve left the doors open for you 🙂

Meetups in the Metaverse takes place on the NOWHERE platform: [ To login, please come ready with: computer, chrome browser, stable internet connection, headphones & extra tabs and applications closed.


\*events are held on ET time, please note, this event will be recorded.

🚪 7:00PM | Event Starts 🎤 7:15PM | Welcome Announcement 🎤 7:30PM | Talk w/ Yeah Boiii Cole 🎤 7:50PM | Q&A 🎊 8:00PM | Networking 💫 8:30PM | Event Ends

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