MetaMoves initiative to bring life essence through movement on both metaverse and real life

The recent digital fashion week has brought further interactive opportunities helping community ignite their creativity. For instance, auction house Portion has been collaborating with MetaMoves artist on unique metaverse project expected to help on humanistic reason.

A Novel stimulating collection where all members can witness the animated and sound designed data files living on the Ethereum blockchain. The owner of this collection will receive full rights to utilize the Motions for any commercial purposes. The possibilities and potential applications are vast.

Each is a one-of-a-kind design created using motion capture technology and each contains the essence of a live performance for your Metaverse Avatars and NFT´s. This collection grants the buyer the full rights to the Motion Capture data, which can be used in the future to produce 3D Videos, Videogames, or even animations for avatars in the metaverse.

For each piece sold this amazing team will donate a percentage towards creating 3D printed prosthetic limbs. MetaMoves is about movement, not only in the metaverse but also in real life. Your NFT on metaverse can change a persons’ life.

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