MetaClash PVP NFT Game – Play, Earn & Dominate!

Design your Digital Avatars of Destruction, an ERC-721 aka Non-Fungible-Token, whichever way they desire on these quests! Metaclash has developed an innovative new approach to Non-Fungible-Token based games. It is a blockchain game with a hyper-realistic science fantasy metaverse that was built on Unreal Engine. The draw of Metaclash: D.A.D is the skills of its players, which they develop through the vehicle parts they earn within the game!


Players can be competitors or landowners within Metaclash with each vehicle having different functions, powers, speeds, and characteristics. There is a whole ecosystem of play-to-earn games, realism in the virtual event spaces, and entertainment that is constantly changing. This will enable them to take part in or host tournaments, generating revenue for the winners and organizers.

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