MEET THE AMAZING COCKTAIL FRIENDS NFTS. 17 cocktails🥂, 19 cartoon faces 🤪and 15 gradient backgrounds🌈. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER, TIKTOK & INSTAGRAM. FULL DETAILS!🔥🔥🔥

**Collection name:** The Amazing Cocktail Friends

**Consists:** 17 cocktails🥂, 19 cartoon faces 🤪and 15 gradient backgrounds🌈

**Size:** 2,222 NFTs

**Mint date/Time:** July 31st, 2022, All day

**Start Price:** 0.003 ETH

**Background:** Bachelor’s in Electronic Engineering Technology. Graphic Designer. Entrepreneur. Stock Investor.

**Backstory:** “I created this project because we go through some good moments and bad moments in our lives and with a cocktail drink, I feel like I can always relax and loosen up. Other people may want to have fun, celebrate for a special occasion, buy someone a drink at bar for an icebreaker, relief themselves from a tough day at work. A cartoon face is a representation of the mood when we want drink. Some may represent as a modern art to post on their social media profiles, memes, etc.”

**Goal:** Create a successful project with a huge community (cocktail lovers, NFT collectors and artists) and earn decent passive income. If *unsuccessfully/successfully*, I would still like to create more NFT projects involving food, non-alcoholic beverages, pets and much more.

**Must be 21?** Yes, absolutely. We do not want to encourage minors to drink. Wait until you are 21.

**Suffered from alcoholism?** This is not for you. Please do not ruin lives by drinking and driving or yourself with excessive drinking everyday.

**Target-audience:** 21+ drink-lovers

**Software used:** Krita/Hashlip’s Youtube video tutorial. Go check him out for NFT beginners!

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*Sneak Peek (DROPPING JULY 31ST on OpenSea):*

[ Meet the Amazing Cocktail Friends NFTs. The most favorite drinks created into cartoon faces. ](

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