Meet Strong Dong, a collection of Mean Peens in the wild

My friend grew up with a passion so familiar to many of us — drawing wieners. But instead of letting that passion die and caving to societal pressures to “grow up” or “be mature”, he marched on cultivating his craft.

Reconnecting at another friends wedding recently, we decided to share his creations with the world in a passion project and digital art collection, fondly named Strong Dong. We’re dropping one (and only one) hand-sketched Strong Dong at the beginning of each month on opensea, and our first one went live today.

Check out our [website]( and if you feel so inclined, purchase a Strong Dong. They’re under $100 each and only 12 will be created this year, so at best we cover the costs it takes to run this humble side project. Thanks for checking us out!

Disclosure: I genuinely do not think this is NSFW as these are adorably animated anthropomorphic weenies but if I am wrong let me know and I will add the tag!

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