Looking for shilling services for your projects ???

Hi, I’m Genera28 from SeptemberJobs. And I would like to offer shilling services for your wonderful project. Our shillers are carefully trained and mentored by Gaza (Founder of SeptemberJobs, SeptemberMusic, September Crypto and 9Records, and other non-profit organizations) We pick our shillers very carefully, we don’t just hire random people from random places. Gaza himself once worked with NEEKO, the dev of the famous BabyXRP on his other coin named RiseUp. They managed to reach $4M market cap in just a couple of months! We can get many people working on your project. We have 80+ people on our team that can send information about your project on any platform you desire. Instead of hiring random shillers out there, you can hire our people. We are looking forward to doing business with you, you guys seem wonderful! I suggest we discuss this at some time. Thank you and have a good day. -Genera28 of SeptemberJobs

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