Looking for NFT projects beyond “roadmap” phase?

Hey, I’ve been looking at the NFT space with a view to buy and help projects that looked good.

After days of research I am struggling to find projects that are actively moving forward.

I’m spotting a pattern of :
– Mint NFT
– Join our chat channels
– … ton of awesome shit coming next year.

Are there any projects where I can get awesome shit now ? It’s seems the primary focus is to create the NFT and then work in the product… I can understand why, but surely there is value in creating the product and then minting NFTs

What I find more puzzling is the insane amount of people talking about how amazing a project is, believing in what it stands for and how amazing the team behind the project is. How can people say this when they don’t even I have access to the product ?

Please share any NFT projects that have delivered on their claim of utility, thanks.

I guess Axie Infinity is an example of a project with an actual product.


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9 thoughts on “Looking for NFT projects beyond “roadmap” phase?”

  1. Building a game or a brand or product line or a tv show or whatever takes years. People’s expectations are too fast. I know time-frames on our.p and dumps early on were days or even hours. But real building takes time.

    A good litmus test is how was the production quality of the NFTs offering at nftnyc. That’s really one of the best ways to gauge.

  2. there is a LOT of excitement around the reddit NFT series you have access to by clicking your profile and style avatar… Your profile looks like someone who would have gotten a free one, which is what got me over and looking at the things. They are trading up on opensea (poly eth) at an alarming rate. This is the most excitement I have seen in crypto in a while, tbh. It’s reachable by the average redditor and there is a big buzz. The series are selling out quickly, but they are treasured by redditors because they are able to be added to your profile (mix and match). This is a sound project that is not just a roadmap, supported by a huge community, with a lot of buzz – and in your own backyard (being a redditor). I’d look into it if I were you.

  3. What kind of utility are you looking for in an NFT? IMO, the utility is the community. It’s not like cryptopunks do anything… They are just art.

  4. Have you seen and researched Pooky?

    Football predictions and games, a unique project…

    I am delighted with the concept, and I will be happy to tell you more about it if you are interested.

  5. I have a project that’s still in its infancy but people get physical trading cards that get sent to them with a purchase of said NFT. I’ve seen a few artists who also send out prints to people who purchase their NFTs.

  6. Axie was great in the bull but i think the hype has passed by it for now, hold a small bag of it and i surely hope it will return with all its glory one day. More bullish on Utility NFTs like from the democratized fundraising protocol AngelBlock. A lot of options there to put them NFTs to work, including staking..And their THOL token is not even listed yet so its quite fresh..I think that in the future only NFTs with utility will be adopted, since JPEGs are everywhere, minted non stop and bring no use cases

  7. I have noticed the same thing.. got into a bunch of “communities” that get excited about being a community. I found one project called Ocavu that is actually doing something. They now have a proof of concept for a NCAA NIL application that seems to have actually launched..still waiting on the rest of the projects i bought into to pan out


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