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So if you go to Google and search for “how much does it take to create an NFT collection” the top result says you can do it for as little as $150.


I call BS on that.

I mean, you probably could, but it’d be one of those crappy collections that offers no value and gives the naysayers the ammunition they need to say “NFTs are a scam”.

Even if you do everything yourself, the software costs, platform fees, and cost of your time is going to be more than $150.

Anyway, I’m trying to put a more accurate breakdown together to reduce the chance of people having crappy, low expectations when it comes to costs.

If you’re a professional who’s helped with anything like…

* NFT Design
* NFT Community Management
* NFT Marketing
* NFT Smart contracts
* NFT Audience research

Or any other NFT collection creation work, I’d love to hear from you.

I’ve put a 60-90 second survey together to help collect the average prices for different jobs.

I’ll be pulling the averages and creating a more complete breakdown of what the costs of creating an NFT collection that actually offers value are.

In return, everyone who helps out will be getting a mention and backlink in the finished article from our site.

The survey is here.



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