Looking for answers about the NFTs world

**Hello everyone! I’m writing this here since I’ve been interested in NFTs for a while and I need your opinions, those of you who already got some. I’m looking for someone who sells and makes NFTs. Who do you think it’s a good choice to take into consideration? Have any of you heard about The NFTiST and if so what are your thought about them?**

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  1. Hi there, I don’t really invest into many projects on the big marketplace’s because I find hard to trust them and a lot are copies! I do love NFT’s though, I recently got into Play2Earn gaming and found a really cool game called ‘NFTshootout’. This earns people their ‘SHOO’ token which can be used for their own in-game NFT’s! The NFT’s can then earn the owner passive income. I believe there’s a marketplace coming to the game soon as it’s still in demo!


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