Lmao, y’all are paying money for some of the cringest Shit.

Like you could buy food Or real estate or anything that actually exists but you purchase little tickets claiming ownership of specific pieces of data with no use other then interacting with other pieces of data like it’s NOT just used primarily for money laundering

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2 thoughts on “Lmao, y’all are paying money for some of the cringest Shit.”

  1. Well, it’s much like all the all the crap no use cause hype fuelled shit coins people buy, there will always be people ready to burn their money on useless stuff due to greed or ignorance.

    There’s always a few diamonds in the rough with these things, projects with use cause that provide entertainment or what have you. Eventually people should get fed up with low effort crappy gimmick NFTs and will look for something worth their money.


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