Learnings from analzing 700 NFT collections & 300,000+ wallets

Researches from the University of Chicago and Temple University analyzed 692 NFT collections and NFT-transactions of more than 300,000 wallets.

Here is what they found out:


* **Traders**
Experienced traders make a **44% higher return trading the same NFT collection** as a newb and a 40% higher return trading the exact same NFT!
* Biggest difference is that experienced traders **sell faster**.


**NFT Collections**
Here are the state for the NFT collections:

|Type|Chance to sell out|Price 28 days after mint|
|Has roadmap|\-9%|\-5%|
|Is Punk-derivate|\-4%|\-66%|
|Is Ape-derivate|\+5%|\+1,256%|
|Is 3D|\+2%|\-23%|
|Has animation|\-5%|\+38%|
|Has music|\+8%|\+72%|
|Is displaying artist’s Twitter|\+6%|\+72%|



* Original paper: [
* Great summary on Twitter: [

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