Just starting, How many NFTs should I drop?

Hey, super new to NFTs. Just love everything about them. I started drawing my own ideas. My question is how many should i drop when I decide to release and start? I am doing everything by hand for the most part. I see on Opensea collections that have like 10K.

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  1. Drawing 10,000 NFTs by hand would be pretty difficult. The 10,000 collections have a series of traits (eye color, hair type, glasses, etc) that they algorithmically layer to generate.

    Here’s a video from a popular script that does that (Hashlips) [https://youtu.be/HGx052UU8A0](https://youtu.be/HGx052UU8A0)

    I’m seeing that people are wanting smaller collections and just the big guys can actually sell out a collection that large. For instance, Top Dog Beach Club capped their collection at 7500 at the request of people buying the NFT, who were willing to pay more to get something with more scarcity.


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