I’ve started to explore the NFT marketplace for future business ventures. A hidden Gem opportunity?

I currently own 2 businesses. Both of which I believe could benefit from the use of NFT’s. However, I only know a little about the function and abilities NFT’s currently offer. I have created this first collection on the Polygon Network, as I plan to grow and expand my knowledge of NFT’s and the marketplace before I invest high amounts of money into minting and gas fee’s.

One of my businesses is heavily involved in visual and musical arts and will be developing NFT’s in the future. So, although I may have created this first collection as a learning experience, it may carry a lot more value in the future than it does now, as my business grows and becomes more popular this will be considered the first collection, and also the least minted collection. So could be a valuable hold for someone. But hey, like I said, it’s my first attempt at NFT’s so they’re nothing special…yet.

Below is a link to my first NFT collection on open sea. It’s ass, but it’s my ass.

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