I’ve come here to ask a basic question, I promise this is not a troll post I am serious

Because I understand what NFTs are. I understand how they are unique. My question is “why”?

1. If you like a piece of digital art so much, you can still display it without owning the copyright. Why do you need to own the copyright? For example: A digital piece of art is going to appear identical on every screen. It isn’t like a traditional piece of artwork (like a Picasso) where you can see the original brush strokes.

2. If you own the copyright in an NFT piece of art, how are you planning to display it? What do you want to do with it? Do you just put it on a big screen? Will you put next to it “I own this nft”? What difference does it make whether you own the copyright or not.

Can someone pls explain this to me.

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3 thoughts on “I’ve come here to ask a basic question, I promise this is not a troll post I am serious”

  1. You don’t necessarily have the copyright if you own an NFT. The NFT isn’t even the art, the NFT is just the certificate.

    It’s really more like owning a rare Pokemon card. It’s identical to every other one in existence. They can be forged though there’s officially only so many in existence. People who own one might not even play the game or care that much about the artwork. In the case of an NFT, it’s verifiable that you own it.

  2. You don’t understand what NFT’s are.

    NFT’s are Tokens which just represent data on a Blockchain.

    You’re talking about Jpegs that happened to be attached to a token that was minted on a Blockchain.

    NFT’s have many use cases which involve digitally verifying for legitimacy. They are used to verify because the information they represent is available at all times whenever needed and completely transparent.

    NFT’s can be applied to nearly anything from contracts such as Wills, Property Deeds, Job Verification, all the way to Personal Identification, Collectibles, Show Tickets, Stocks, and everything in between.

    Do more research.

  3. You’re wrong on two counts, unfortunately:

    1. NFTs very rarely transfer copyrights. NFT’s are just links to .jpg’s hosted by sites like opensea. So if OpenSea changes what’s on that URL they change what you paid for. So NFT owners rarely own anything except a string of numbers and letters.

    2. Nobody buys NFT’s for the art, that’s why all the art is so trash. They buy it in the hopes of offloading it on someone dumber than them. It’s a primitive game of hot potato.

    I advise you watch this video, which I, as an economic sociologist (for what that’s worth) can testify, is the current best summary of NFTs and their many issues. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQ_xWvX1n9g


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