Its wrong to assume the NFT market is a “bubble”. NFTs are not just JPEGs.

Yes I do agree that these overinflated pieces of art are a bubble and will eventually burst and come down to a much more reasonable value.


However, the NFT market isnt just hyperinflated pixels. There’s much more to it from games to passive income. Heck, there are even platforms like wTEAM that integrate both together by helping players make passive income each time a personal item is used in Axie Infinity for example.


There’s also the fact that some NFTs do come with actual added value behind them kinda like those Last Hopium NFTs that give owners exclusive entry to hotels like the Ritz and Hilton along with access to many important contacts.


Then there’s the music side of NFTs and much more than I can get into that would make this post pages long.


Yet its kinda frustrating that people tend to focus only on JPEGs and pixels. Its not all about that and when the bubble bursts, the real utility of NFTs will start showing.

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1 thought on “Its wrong to assume the NFT market is a “bubble”. NFTs are not just JPEGs.”

  1. NFTs aren’t just JPEGs with bubbles. They’re revolutionizing the crypto space, and businesses and brands are adopting it. NFT utility like license, tickets, virtual land, in sports and music, in-game assets, Avatar and also passive income just as you mention with wTEAM, are good reason why people should not underestimate NFT.


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