Is there an NFT Tech Sub or is here the right place?

Hi people, is this the best place to discuss the technology behind NFTs? I see a lot of art here but not much substantial discussion.

I’ve been presented a new business opportunity which I think would be well suited to using NFTs for authorization. Interested in networking with others who have worked with utility nft projects.

Here? Or elsewhere?


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3 thoughts on “Is there an NFT Tech Sub or is here the right place?”

  1. Hey check me out on Twitter, feel free to hit me up if you think I can help. I was integral to 2 very large projects as well as have helped many others.

    @W00DS_eth (those are zeros)

  2. Discuss the tech here. Please. Most of the posts here are actually spam bots. The Reddit nft drop has breathed some actual use into this community. I’d love to see more real discussion here.


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