Is the NFT craze finally coming to an end?

I can’t find any actual NFT discussion on any platform. Just people nonstop shilling their pfp projects. Is that alls it is now is just people trying to sell goofy art? I thought the art phase was just the beginning and there would be way more uses for NFTs down the line. What gives?

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14 thoughts on “Is the NFT craze finally coming to an end?”

  1. The scams are coming to an end. What your saying is like saying that importing stuff form China is dead cause dropshiping is dead

  2. The art phase is going to stay for a while longer I’d assume, but NFT’s are getting other uses behind the scenes. GameStop is building a NFT Marketpace for Gaming related stuff for example, assumedly so you can own and sell in-game items as NFT’s, although the other speculation was that games themselves could be NFT’s and could be re-sold in digital form, no need for CD’s anymore.. Who knows, anyway, NFT’s are the future. Just need time.

  3. Craze, hype? i hope so… But as for NFT’s themselves, Def not.

    Keep in mind i can sell a shit glitch photo on getty images for $1k+.. So expensive digital art has been a thing long before NFT’s.

    When NFT’s were first rolled out, It was a way for individuals to break free from gatekeepers, corrupt/greedy galleries and organizations dictating what your art is worth.. or if you are even worthy enough to allow be part of the art space.

    There are plenty of other applications.. but NFT’s allowed artists to remove the middle man…that still holds true. people who understand what NFT’s bring to artists are not going to let it die or else we go back to the same old financial and art elites control, dictate and hinder the growth of the creatives.

  4. It’s already dead, you just don’t know it yet, try and sell your NFT in 6 months time and tell me how much you get.

  5. It’s happening, NFTs are here to stay, people are just building their projects. It’s going to take some time. I can easily see how, in ten years, you can barely own *anything* unless there’s an NFT associated with it.

    One project I like keeping my eye on right now is [OVER](, which is selling an augmented reality layer over the globe as individual NFT hexagons (now on Polygon). You can purchase a hexagon for about $10, then build your own augmented reality assets and place them on your property through their web-builder. It’s pretty badass and is a fun, not-art-specific use case happening right now.

    edit: This isn’t “linkbuilding,” I’m just answering OP’s question, I’m not associated with OVER.

  6. Veve is still kicking. Lots of great, popular IP 3-D characters that are awesome with AR, interoperability, AND digital comics too that are just killers! #Veve #NFTs

  7. The NFT concept isn’t going anywhere but a lot of the current projects will. Until real life use cases present themselves where the technology can improve or streamline or replace existing systems, the NFT market as it currently exists will just keep expanding and testing new directions.

    It’s all down to market sentiment anyways. If people say it’s worth something, it’s worth something to them regardless of what the rest of the population thinks.

    Would I pay $700 for some sneakers, $250k for a old sports car, or $1,00,000 for a piece of art? Hell no. They are useless to me and that amount of money could be spent in ways that better align more with my daily life.

    But other people would and do jump on those things and telling them it’s dumb or a waste of money or a scam isn’t my fuckin business bc it’s their life and their money and it has zero to do with me.

  8. I think NFT creators are gonna have to do some soul searching and figure out what is the true value proposition of an NFT for the creator and buyer. I hope there’s more integration with physical objects. The solutions a smart contract provides are unmatched. The scam attempts and bots in this space are tiresome, though.


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