Is Terra Virtua’s much-anticipated Lucha Masks worth the hype?

I came across a post about digitalizing the Lucha libre mask and was let down by the sneak peek I saw. For a project that wants to digitalize one of Mexico’s historic cultures, I believe r/TerraVirtua should do more research into the lucha libre rather than making assumptions and coming up with random masks.

Mexican wrestling, also known as lucha libre, is a highly traditional form of light entertainment disguised as a ’sport’ and decked out in inhuman amounts of spandex and sequins.

What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Is Terra Virtua’s much-anticipated Lucha Masks worth the hype?”

  1. In my opinion Terra Virtua is way more than what you see it. As you may know or may not know Terra Virtua is the world’s first fully immersive, blockchain-powered virtual reality entertainment platform. I believe it as really made a name for itself in the NFT space and you should make more research other than assuming the Lucha Masks NFTs aren’t authentic.

  2. For a project that is really anticipating the lucha masks mint I believe the sneak peek should be well detailed. Truth be told Terra Virtua are doing a great job with their digital collectibles but they should improve on some or their sneak peek contents as they can be low effort a times.

  3. I agree with you at some point, but a sneak peek is hype to you? It’s not only them who keep doing this such, but it’s also a part of bringing more excitement to fans.


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