Is my understanding of NFT’s on the right track?

I’ve been researching NFT’s to try and understand them and this is the take I’ve gotten so far:

I’ll use video games as an example. I see the metaverse as a video game, a “pay 2 play” type of video game like Pokemon go or clash of clans. Like in Pokemon Go or Clash of Clans, you can pay to get items in the game and NFT’s represent those items. The difference between the items in games like Pokemon go and clash of clans is that the NFT’s can change in value overtime depending on how well they sell? That’s pretty much all I’ve come to understand on NFT’s. Is that how they work? What else am I missing?

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2 thoughts on “Is my understanding of NFT’s on the right track?”

  1. The NFT space runs on hype & news, price up = lots of hype and project may have utilities or benefits for holding, the better the utilities the higher they ‘may’ cost, example, llamaverse offers many NFT tools, staking for their native token, this may be attractive to people, more people buy, price goes up
    Some projects amass huge amount of hype, have good art, good team and this alone may be enough to set a project off. Example is doodles which don’t have any real sort of roadmap or actual tangible utility other than good art & lots of hype. Its not always the case though, theres many factors involved in the recipe.

    Watch youtubers like kosher plug, champs crypto, breet malionski for more info about the markets and updates. Best of luck💪
    Tools and sites you can use to analyse trending collections,,,

    I also have started a new reddit r/degensnft where you can ask anything and I will try to reply, and I will be posting project analysis and updates. Hope to see you there

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