Introduction and Discussion (Part 1) – Plants as NFTs and the Metaverse

Hello there fellow crypto artists, would love to start a discussion and introduce myself firstly beforehand! There are 2 parts to this discussion, this is the first part.

A bit about myself, I am a new artist that have been currently more into the crypto world and curiously researching and learning about NFTs in the crypto world, and till date I’ve understood quite a handful about NFT and it’s basic concepts. To tell you about my personal interest, I am a plant lover 🌱, and I have lots of different kinds of plants in my home! As I came to know about NFTs, being a plant lover, I thought of working on something that combines the 2 and puts it to use! Currently NFT artist (creator/designer) and looking to collect as well!

Moving on to the topic of our discussion, using plants as NFTs and the Metaverse, before we dive into it I would like to discuss about plants in general at first. Why did I choose plants? I personally feel plants have a really big value, and even in the real world plants are very helpful and do a lot of things for us. The most basic function of plants is to take in carbon dioxide, some of it from our exhales and the rest from environment, and it will produce oxygen, which we will inhale into our bodies. This is why I feel we must have more of plants and multiply them as they are oxygen producers and so their role is very vital in the real world which increases the value they have and the rarity of plants, as apart from oxygen producers we are able to make herbal food and items, medicines, veggies, fruits, edibles all from different kinds of plants!!

Now that we have established the value and rarity of plants and their value in the real world, how about the NFT world, or even the Metaverse! Looking back, in the real world there are many people who don’t understand the importance of plants and thus don’t value them and appreciate them enough, and the appreciation and understanding of plants is far less in the NFT world and Metaverse as well, it’s rarely seen, therefore it has been my aim as a plant lover to introduce the idea and concept of plants in the NFT world and Metaverse as well!

As part of realising my dream, I’d also really love to create a whole new plant NFT Community where plant lovers and all other enthusiasts can collaborate and interact with each other in the community, and together work towards making plants the next big thing in both the NFT world and Metaverse! Through this we can achieve a world where people are able to appreciate plants, admire them and understand it’s rarity and the value it holds!

Think about plants as NFTs, holding them could give you the feel of having plants with you accessible all the time, and I hope that plants as NFTs and plants in the metaverse will make it to the news, so in turn the effect this would have is for more people to understand and appreciate plants which will make my dream a success! So holding plant NFTs also contributes to this as well!

Now thinking about plants in the Metaverse, firstly all the visualisations of Metaverse that I’ve seen so far are lacking depictions of nature and most importantly plants, and because of this the huge NFT Community which is into the Metaverse will not fully understand and appreciate the value of plants and spread awareness, therefore to achieve this the introduction of plants into the Metaverse is necessary, specifically plant as an NFT so that plant NFT holders can participate in the metaverse and understand plants’ importance, which in turn makes them appreciate its value therefore spreading awareness and so more people will know!

Now that I’ve put out my discussion and covered plant as NFTs and the Metaverse, I’d like to thank you all for reading so far and putting in your effort to understand, hopefully you guys can share your thoughts and ideas on this discussion and we can learn more together!

The 2nd part of this discussion is based on a special type of plant which is rare, known as succulents! Stay tuned for the 2nd part of discussion which will be coming out within few hours!

Thanks again for going through my discussion, hopefully you all learnt something and help by spreading awareness of plants, contributing towards creating a new, big and strong plant NFT Community!

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