Introducing The AI Rarities – New NFT Collection from a Beginner Creator

Hello r/NFT community!

I’m excited to introduce my new NFT collection, The AI Rarities. As a beginner NFT creator, this has been a fun and challenging journey for me, and I’m eager to learn and improve.

The AI Rarities collection features a series of unique digital artworks created by artificial intelligence. Each NFT in the collection includes a one-of-a-kind artwork generated by AI algorithms, resulting in a diverse range of styles and themes. From surreal landscapes to abstract patterns, these NFTs offer a glimpse into the creative potential of machine learning.

I would love to get some feedback and suggestions from the r/NFT community on how to improve and promote my collection. Is there anything you think I could do differently or better? Do you have any tips for someone new to NFT creation? I’m also open to any collaborations or opportunities to learn from more experienced NFT creators.

You can find The AI Rarities NFTs on opensea at this link:

Thank you in advance for your help and support!


[Ethereal Eve](


[The Art of War](


[Kaleidoscope Eyes](

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1 thought on “Introducing The AI Rarities – New NFT Collection from a Beginner Creator”

  1. Although the way you work might be okay, if you stay loyal to a concept and curate accordingly. You clearly did not do that.

    resulting in a cacophony of styles and subjects. Which makes it rather invaluable. There’s nothing beyond, i tried some ai and hope to monetize asap. That’s not how these things work, no effort no pay is still an unwritten law in any creative field.

    Did you made your own AI based upon OpenAI ?
    Do your prompts/titles fall within a theme/concept ?
    Did you select them manually by aesthetics and style ?
    Are there other perks associated ?

    If it’s all a no, then you just polluted blockchain and downgraded the common perception of NTF to a quick money sceme. It should not be like that.

    There goes considerable effort in most successful NTF projects.


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