International Superstar Soccer Stickers Collection – NFT Opportunity: the project just started.

Caricature Snes ISS is a collection of 720 NFT figurines. Each NFT has a print run of 50 units. All numbered and unique. Inspired by the game International Superstar Soccer, the collection brings the caricature of the game’s players, linking each fictional player to his supposed real player. Example: Allejo = “Bebeto”.

The idea is to complete the album, acquiring all the NFTs of each selection. Upon completing each selection, the collector WIN a SPECIAL NFT. Completing the entire album, the collector WINS a SPECIAL NFT inspired by the great star of the game: ALLEJO, shirt 7 of Brazil (only 50 units)

We have released 10 NFTs and when all are acquired, 10 more will be released. Whoever buys first is more likely to complete their album and start negotiating trades or sales. Some NFTs will have special versions with shorter runs.

We are in contact with sponsors to take advantage of completing the album.

Part of the amount raised goes to athletes who do not have government incentives.

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