Implications of copyright infringement on NFTs collections?

I know that NFTs are in a grey area as of now, but copyright laws are not.
The subject of NFTsxcopyrights can be seen by many different sides, but I want to focus on a specific one.

Many of those big collections of NFTs (usually not the artistic ones, the PFP ones) have blatant copyright infringement. They blatantly copy visual elements of characters in movies, series, games, anime, etc. Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Dragon Ball, Pokemon, Resident Evil, you name it.

I have no doubt that, eventually, the IP owners can sue the owner of those particulars NFTs and also the creators of said NFTs. But my question comes down to the owners of the others PFPs in that collection. Could they also be punished for owning an NFT from a collection that was sued for copyright infringement, even though their NFT does not infringe any copyright?

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