If you want to support a new artist, new collection tonight

wonderful artists Ree and Perrine – tonight at 9 pm est – buy if you want support and the art speaks to you.

Inspired by classics from Cartoon Network and Pokemon, referring to the world we’ve created as a “wholesome tale of charming misfits.” It’s a deliberate slow burn for the time being, with plans to build our larger phase throughout the summer.

Not one to aimlessly shill, but rly enjoy the Reddit community and figured you guys might enjoy.


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2 thoughts on “If you want to support a new artist, new collection tonight”

  1. Project codename: Soupulation
    Final Mint Details
    700 artworks will available for sale
    Mint price is .075 per token
    Each token is a registered citizen of Paloma City
    – u/Genesis claim window begins at 5:00pm PST // 8:00pm EST
    – Public sale begins at 6:00pm PST // 9:00pm EST
    Our official website and minting portal: https://www.fiascosoup.com/


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