Ideas for NFTs that I am not going to make

Hello reddit I have too many ideas for nfts but because most of my time is spent in school and making my own nft I dont have time to make them so I want to give back to the community by sharing them here. if you make one of these nfts and want to send one to my wallet heres my address: b483

Ideas for nfts:

\- an nft that is a playground where you can beat up your school’s biggest bully

\- an nft that is microphone for a thousand internet trolls yelling at you at once

[an nft that is a virtual pet and it can poop in the metaverse and the poop stays there and other people step in it](

[an nft that is a dumpster for nfts, its full of trash and it emits a foul odor in the metaverse](

\- an nft that is a super powerful bomb, you drop the nft and it blows up the entire metaverse but no one gets hurt because it is only virtual

\- an nft that is a vending machine where you can buy virtual snacks and exchange them for real life snacks

[an nft that is a trophy that you won at the olympics even though you never went to the olympics](

\- an nft that is a portable generator that you plug into your phone and it charges your phone super fast

\- an nft of a basketball that you can use in the metaverse and you can slam dunk the basketball so hard that it hits a guy who is walking by in real life and breaks his teeth

\- an nft that looks like an alien but it is actually a real alien and it beams you up to space

\- an nft that looks like a mirror and you can look into it and it tells you the meaning of life

[an nft that is a portable time machine, when you look at the nft time stops and when you look away time starts again](

\- an nft that is a 2AM phone call where the man on the line tells you your biggest fear

\- an nft that stays with you when you sleep and it watches over you and does not leave you alone

\- an nft that is a cozy armchair that makes you feel better about yourself when you sit in it

[an nft that is a front door and when look at it you feel like you’re finally home](

if I have more ideas later I will post them after these have all been made into nfts

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