IDEA: NFT Game made by a recognized Game Studio.

Imagine if there was an NFT that allowed you access to a game. It would be a one-time purchase only for the game. Early Founders will have access to the earlier NFTs that in the long run, (it has to be a good game) will increase in value simply because of the recognition of the game. Imagine if you had a Party Hat from Old School Runescape, and now after many years, it is worth millions in the game. You can sell/trade that NFT for its real-life value and worth.

It would be a reward system basically for people who believe in a game and want to bet a stake on if the game will be good. This already exists with Founders Packs, but this provides what I think is a good way of introducing NFTS into the gaming world officially. Also, the game has to be made by a well-recognized studio like Rockstar, Blizzard, Epic Games, etc…. which also might not make this idea possible in the sense that they wouldn’t want to risk a bad reputation.

It’s kind of like those rare Rust (video game) skins that are now worth a lot. That could mean it technically already exists as long as it can be sold and traded, but last time I checked you cannot directly send money from the Steam Marketplace directly to your bank account. Unless you do it via a different method.

Just an idea after watching a video of Logan Paul apologizing to CoffeeZilla and wanting to brainstorm a way of actually introducing an NFT into the gaming space. It would only be possible with a beautiful game that can one day be legendary.

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