I wanna turn my poems into NFTs

I was wondering if I could monetize my poetry using NFTs. I was looking into thirdweb for the deployment, I’ll figure that much out. But what else do I need to know? Would I be able to make even a single sale without marketing spend? How should I price my NFT? What other stuff do I need to know to make this project just successful enough for me to keep going.

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3 thoughts on “I wanna turn my poems into NFTs”

  1. Is anyone buying your poetry now? If not, making NFTs doesn’t add any value to them…

    Event tickets that are NFTs have that underlying value of entry to the venue. Art needs to be able to stand on its own for an NFT of it to have any value. Think of the MILLIONS of NFTs out there that don’t sell… what is going to make yours stand out in the crowd?

    Try selling your poems as is… and if there is interest…perhaps it would be worth it to try as an NFT. If no one is interested, then the NFT route isn’t going to change that…

  2. >Would I be able to make even a single sale without marketing spend?

    Honestly? No. Countless derivative projects are launched every single day and you are going to have to so something on the marketing side to get any notice. It might be time, but that’s money too right?

    To build on what /u/ZacTheOriginal said – if you have existing buyers, what can you do with the NFT to add value for them?

    The NFT could be a certificate of authenticity that lets them ‘own’ the poem and pays you royalties if they ever sell it. That fits into the art world and could work.

    If your buyer audience is extremely local, the NFT could be their means of having a “first pass” on tickets to events and readings.

    You could even consider a NFT for a poem on demand. They buy, you write.

    I’m no poet so these could be shit ideas – but hopefully you get the point? If you can’t add new value for existing customers or stand out vs the masses, doing what you already to to monetize might be smarter.


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