I tried to sell a famous Instagram user their ENS domain

I tried to sell a somewhat famous Instagram user their ENS domain. This user has a following of 300k+ as well as an expensive NFT as their pfp (CloneX, as well as owning several DeadFellaz). This user/celeb also openly talks on his page about investing in crypto (ETH), NFTs, etc and even went as far as offering lessons on investing with a $1,000 entry fee to “learn” from him. The fact that this user invests in crypto/NFTs in the first place, it would make sense for them to own their ENS domain to make all incoming/outgoing transaction infinitely easier. On top of that, this user being a “celeb” it would make even more sense for them to acquire their own ENS name for status on the internet. Regardless, when I reached out attempting to sell this user their ENS domain, they responded to me with, “I’d never buy that shit, and its creepy af you bought it and tried to sell it to me, shits gay, good luck fam”. I just found this funny as well as stupid on their part and would not be surprised if they come running back asking me to buy it in just a few years time.

If anyone has any thoughts on my story/experience or any stories of their own I would love to hear them! Are we too early to onboard people to NFTs/ENS? I think not…

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