I this a real NFT site or scam? (artist question)

Hello guys,

i’m an artist and got a dm via instagram with a request to do some NFT art for her. I asked her if opensea would be fine and she told me that she collect on [pixorum.com]( \- after I visited the site yesterday the site was basicly loading an eternity – today it seems better but sometimes if you click a little through the site the menubar changes and dont look serieous anymore (such menu entries like hompage 1 to 6)
In addition to a quick google search and youtube search I dont find anything where pixorum is mentioned :O in my opinion this side is scam, am I right?

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4 thoughts on “I this a real NFT site or scam? (artist question)”

  1. Unfortunately the vast majority of messages you’ll receive in this space are scams, dotted with the occasional promo or someone looking to connect. You shouldn’t ever sign a transaction on any sites they send you as it might have sneaky code built in. If you’re not already doing it, the safest, standard way is to mint your own artwork on a platform like OBJKT or Opensea like you said, and then market yourself through twitter. I do like your work though, and I think there’d be a market for it in the tezos community.

  2. I work for fraud prevention. Common scams usually go about when a buyer poses to purchase your art for a huge amount that’s too good to be true. Then usually gives you a QR code saying you’ll receive the payment through this method but its actually a injection that through a smart contract sucks all of your funds or NFT from your wallet. So be cautious.

  3. do not go to strange links and connect metamask wallets, in my opinion if you want to buy NFT it is better to just buy them on OpenSea

    I bought there BLVCK, AngelBlock (soon to be launched platform and holders will get drop coins), CryptoBullSociety

    I never had any problems with this platform and I continue to use it


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