I think nfts could be cool, but not the way they are now

I think nfts can be something really cool, but not the way they are now.

FYI, I’m not a super huge fan of nfts or crypto as a whole, and my knowledge probably is out of date.

But I think nfts could maybe become something more than “funny ape pictures” (not all nfts, of course. Some of the art is actually really cool)

Nfts kinda remind me of trading cards. You would buy a pack, and you could do whatever with the cards. You could play with them, display them, or trade with others. Different cards have different values to different people, which made trading and sharing them fun in my eyes.

But you can’t really do anything with nfts, you can only buy them, sell them, or display them. And when you can already view the image for free, it loses it value for a lot of people. When people buy real art pieces in gallery, only they can display that original piece, only they decide who can and can’t see it in person, and seeing it person is worth more than viewing it online, if its even there,which gives its more value, on top of the initial value of the piece.

To most people owning and not owning an nft makes no real difference because there is no visible tangible change. “What’s the point of owning something if I can’t do anything with it?”
And crytocurrency seems just as risky, you turn your real money into digital monopoly money that some treat as legal tender and some don’t, with its value in dollars (or euro, pound etc) constantly changing. What was once $1000 dollars is now only $647, and all you have to show for it is a small byte of code on a server most people will never see or have even heard off.
If you buy a rock for $10k and can’t sell it and end up homeless, at least you still have rock you can use open a can of soup. If you bought the mona lisa, you at least have a pretty picture on your wall. You can’t do anything with an nft in the real world.

There are two ways I believe nfts can become something more widespread and accepted.

1. Connect them to some you can actually use. People purchase digital media like games, movies, and music all the time. But you don’t truly own it. You just by a license to use it, and that license can be lost, erased, or unusable. But if you have an nft that shows you unequivocally own this copy of this thing, then there’s something proving your purchase that can’t be erased.

If you lose your steam account, it gets hacked, and all the information is changed, you lose everything that was bought with that account. But if you had something on the chain that’s you bought this game, you should connect it to your new account and remove it from the old one, and all your purchases are secure!

2. Give Nfts real-world value.
To most people, nfts are just a scam to get to buy a nothing product, but if it has some effect on the real world, it becomes more interesting.
Have a digital plaque display of the current owner under a printed art piece or sculpture in the real world.
Let people print an image in real life, and once it’s a physical object, wipe the image from the web.
Maybe assign the token a particular ai that’s always changing and developing, and give the owner a little ai pet/bot that they can always identify.

Humans are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay older than the most archaic forms of digital media, we are more familiar with the physical world, things that we use all five senses to understand. So if you want people to get into nfts, you need to give them something tangible. Something that has a presence in the physical world. Without that, they’re just spending money on an idea or a promise, and it’s hard to believe it’s worth it if nothing changes.

(Also, the whole art theft, wood burning, and general jackassery aren’t helping, but I imagine you are already working on that)
Idk no one outside of the sphere really understand what you’re saying half the time, maybe so marketing economic and business classes could help too.

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  1. I’m a digital artist and photographer wanting to promote my physical prints and commissioning with NFTs. How would you ideally want the tokens to be associated with earning or representing the physical art?


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