I think I found the world’s first Mutating NFTs!!!!

So the Project is called NIGHTBREAKERZ and they mutate every 12 hours! The NFTs are normal humans during the day and when it’s midnight UTC they change to a zombie! After 12 hours they mutate back to their normal human form. The project has a cool story line and plays into the mutating NFTs! They are also building a game on the Kadena blockchain and letting their DAO pick the direction of the game! But correct me if i’m wrong, are these the world’s first mutating NFTs? Not like others like the CyberKong babies that change over time. These will change every 12 hours!
I just need to know if they are the first to do this or am I over hyped about this project?

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2 thoughts on “I think I found the world’s first Mutating NFTs!!!!”

  1. Kadena eco is now getting bigger day by day, they also have a multi-chain dex Kaddex, we will see more chains connected to the exchange soon or later. I am also hyped by all those NFTs and new games that are being build on Kadena, let’s go guys!


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