I miss the days when NFT games we’re actually fun, not just copycats made for profit

This is one of the main issues that I think have hindered the growth of GameFi and still do to this day.

When NFT games first came out, the idea of making an extra buck while playing a game was very attractive. But that simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

People want to actually enjoy the games they’re playing. Yes, making passive income is a great bonus but you simply can’t build an entire game off of it.

The game has to actually be fun and entertaining for people to keep playing it.

I blame this on both the laziness of NFT game developers and the lack of funds to actually develop something of high quality although we are starting to see some funding again.

Some crypto giants like BitDAO are funding GameFi projects with hundreds of millions of dollars. Game7 alone is got funded by the with half a billion dollars which is actually huge news considering that BitDAO is community led meaning that these games wi answer to the collective demands of the people playing them.

Hopefully this sparks a boost between other big crypto organizations to start funding community led projects because at the end of the day, this is what crypto is all about.

Ethereum was literally created because Vitalk was sick and tired of centralized decisions being taken with the community’s full approval.

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