I made a web app that tracks NFT trades on Loopring (and by extension the Gamestop NFT Marketplace) and sorts them by popularity among many other things.

After a couple of weeks of playing with Loopring Explorer and the various APIs around it, I’ve finally released an app that tracks NFT trades on the Loopring network (99% of which happen on the Gamestop Marketplace) and lists them by popularity, shows weekly volume and trade statistics (but keep in mind the fee tracker in the statistics section currently doesn’t work correctly as it includes royalties) and much more.

**The application is available at** [

There are some settings you can play with to get the best experience you want – most notably switching links to point to the Gamestop NFT marketplace. Please make sure to read the FAQ.

I’m planning many additional features for the future if it ends up being useful, such as favorites and desktop price alerts. As the app relies on donations to keep running (it’s not free), please consider donating if the app has helped you!

The app is written in React and NodeJS and is fully open source. Code is available at GitHub: [

If you find a bug or have a feature request, please open a Github ticket!

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