I have some questions about this Souvenir NFT that I just claimed an hour ago.

So I checked my email because i recently bought a ticket to see The Weeknd’s After Hours Til Dawn Tour and I get this email from TicketMaster offering something.

(Before I say anything, no this can’t be a scam even though it seems likely because The Weeknd did say he collaborated with Binance.US to give anyone who bought a ticket to his show would receive a Souvenir NFT from him.)

So my questions are:

1. What is a Souvenir NFT?
2. What purpose does it have?
3. When I read the email, it said I had a chance to unlock and win exclusive autographed items, such and such, but how do I use that NFT to unlock those chances to win?
4. Do Souvenir NFT’s have any sort of value to them as far as cryptocurrency?

I’m not exactly experienced in the NFT business or whatever so any information could really come to use if anyone knows anything about these.

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1 thought on “I have some questions about this Souvenir NFT that I just claimed an hour ago.”

  1. A “souvenir” nft would be the same thing as any other nft. All depends on how that contract is coded – but most likely you can sell it, or hold on to it for some kind of “utility”. Since it was a free nft for the ticket (hence the souvenir part) it may not really do anything? You’ll have to look into it.

    It’s the same as if you got some souvenir baseball card from a game. Maybe someone else wants it, but probably not. Maybe one day they will.

    If there is some rarity element involved, check to see how rare yours is relative to other editions. If they’re all the same, probably just something neat to hold on to.

    Edit: also if you’re gonna mess around with NFTs, do a lot of prep work. Understand how you could get scammed, and how not to. One bad click and you could lose everything. Not that this is a scam, I just mean in general. There are plenty haha. Gl!


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