I have 10,241 NFTs made… now what?

I used a combination of procreate, photoshop, excel, and google sheets to create 10,241 random NFTs. I am really new to this, so I’m pretty proud that I (with the help of YouTube) figured that out!

This method does nothing for metadata, or getting them onto ipfs, blockchain, opensea, etc., however.

My question is, can anyone tell me how to get my jpegs properly minted?

I have a folder of 10,241 perfectly ready jpegs- what is my next step?

I do not know how to code- but I’m quick on basics and willing to learn. That being said, I need it explained to me very simply, literally or in a very descriptive list pretty, pretty please. I would also be willing to gift some of my NFTs to those who help me on my journey! (If you’re into psychedelic digital flower art) I will make another post showing my nfts!

Thank you to anyone who can help, or share links with me.

I am using a MacBook Air M1, as well- if that helps.

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