I did a full collection without coding experience

Hey everyone, i’m a graphic designer and really enjoy the news techs, also i think the smart contract are a genius idea so i tried to do something. NFTs are easer to me cause you know i work with art, but i had no idea how to code things.
I’ve started with the 3d, did it on blender and it was a new experience for me. I’ve struggled for some months, but i did it.
Than i moved to the smart contract, find some info on web and some models, this part was easy cause i’ve just had to clone some contract, and search what the function does.
Next step was to build the website, the start was easy but its hard to connect the website to a web3 wallet, but today i made it. I’m proud of myself, this took 4 months to be done, but it was a great experience.

[This is how it started on blender.](

[This is how it was when i really learned blender đŸ˜‚](

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