I created NFT artwork instead of Avatrs but dont know how to market my work, Any TIPS plz?


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5 thoughts on “I created NFT artwork instead of Avatrs but dont know how to market my work, Any TIPS plz?”

  1. Hi I visited your Opensea link, I personally like the time in the 5th, 6th and 7th dimension a lot.
    But here is the problem I am no art critic, in the same way most of the few people who visited your profile and reviewed your works. The following what I am going to tell you is only my personal opinion, reflecting on my personal experiencing attempting to promote my favourite artist and you are absolutely entitled to disagree with me, my reasons to try to make you understand are because most of the artists on who just started with NFT are in the same boat.

    1. The NFT technology is no „magic market“ it is a Teck that amount others allow artist to make use of the web3 technology and to record their work on the blockchain via smart contract.

    2. Wile it gives you the opportunity or the access to a particular crowd of people, you have to consider this to be a very limited club for now and it’s community based so it’s up to you to understand how this is working, most of the NFT never sell because I believe they fail to generate Hype! And this is the way to get noticed here.
    You can pay for marketing services as digital marketing people have long ago understood how this works, you get put out a lot, they pay for promoters to talk about your art, he’ll they may even go and buy your art works in order to generate hype.
    If you are not going to pay for this services, you need to learn, visit Twitter spaces, just listen, don’t go talking ore presenting your art at first, listen how they see pricing, how to organise your profile so your art may get the maximum exposure, be respectful and humble, understanding is the first step.
    Most collectors in NFT now are creators as well, look how the community is working.
    You have to understand that real art collectors are less then 1%

    3. When you gain this broader understanding about NFT make a decision if you are going to stay or move on to digital art platforms where the market is much bigger, there is no magic solution my friend, just a lot of hard work, believe in your self and a bit of luck 🙂

    My last advice is if you stay in NFT, that I actually hope you will to learn how to promote your self, I know it’s not cool with many artist but it helps hugely, use social media to navigate people to your account, make a link tree, learn about blockchain as well, polygon is much better for new artist some say!!!
    Oh yes, you will see a lot of GM’s Go Google it what it means in the web3 environment 😎 I wish you good luck and have faith in your abilities!

    Hope this was at least helpful!!!

  2. You should join a community and share your artwork, this way you can get some tracking and maybe make some sales.

    AVAX has a great NFT community, everyone there is very supportive of new artists. You should check it out.

  3. Consider listing your NFT artwork on XOXNO, a marketplace specifically for NFT art, or promoting it on Artzine, a platform that helps artists connect with collectors. To increase visibility and potentially attract buyers, share your work on social media, join online communities for NFT art, participate in online exhibitions, and collaborate with other artists.


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