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Link to film included. “I CAN, I WILL, I MUST” is a short film about a Marine who has lost all hope. Having decided to end it all he points a gun to his head and places his finger on the trigger. His final moment is suddenly interrupted by a dog barking at his front door. Hands shaking, he puts the weapon down and makes his way to the door to investigate, only to find a skinny, stray dog staring up at him and furiously wagging its tail. Here begins a life-saving partnership. This Marine, once completely focused on his own pain, now focuses on loving his new found friend. Includes – “The Bridge” with Jeffery Gray and a Behind the scenes montage.

Starring Jeffery Gray and Stephen Bouldin. Written and directed by John M. Gunn. Producers : John Gunn, Jan Duncan Weir, Cassandra Gunn, Jeffery Gray, Shannon Houk.


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