HyperChain X – Bridging the Gap between Blockchain & Gaming

Welcome! In this whitepaper you can find all the information about our project HyperChain X.

What is HyperChain X?

HyperChain X is the next-gen gaming platform, and we provide our users with new opportunities by connecting two major industries.

The gaming and cryptocurrency industries are two individual multi-billion-dollar platforms and HyperChain X is infusing them together to create an extraordinary and unique experience for its users.

We are the all-in-one crypto gaming platform that consists of a NFT marketplace / launchpad that is tailored for the gaming industry and a gaming platform with products such as 1 vs 1 high stake battles, buy-in tournaments, live streams, league creation options for eSport teams and a crypto mobile games library.


HyperChain X believes in innovation within the gaming industry as its future is fusing with the technology behind crypto.

We have come to realize that there is a need to create a platform that promotes a dedicated commercial crypto gaming environment where gamers can get familiar with the new hype in gaming and where game developers can launch their products. We at HyperChain X are fulfilling this dream.

Why us?

Created by gamers that know the game, for gamers that play the game. HyperChain X is the ideal next-gen gaming platform on the blockchain.

Our platform is the all-in-one crypto and gaming solution that brings both worlds together. From game developers that can launch their new NFT collections on our launchpad to ‘gamers’ that can earn crypto while gaming and more.

All of the most popular games and blockchains will be compatible on the HyperChain X platform, so there is no need to go anywhere else. The mobile application gives users the ability to easily manage their assets and other gaming related content.

Join the community and feel the great vibe!

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