How we are using AI to 10x our NFT Marketing Growth. ULTIMATE GUIDE

Hey, market is pumping and you are thinking about launching your own NFT project or looking for ways to grow your Twitter account and increase reach using AI?

**This is the post you were looking for.**

Starting your NFT Project is hard…really hard (I know because we helped launch over 150+ of them)

* Struggling to stand out in a crowded market
* Takes forever to grow even if you are hours tweeting non-stop
* Budget is short and you need to hire mods, marketing, collab managers, etc
* No matter what you do or how many hours you put into it, its just not enough.

If these problems sound familiar, you’re not alone. We faced these same exact challenges over the past years. But, we found a solution that changed everything for us – **AI.**

**We have been able to reduce our workload by 85% and increase our growth 10x on autopilot 24/7 and I will tell you exactly what we are doing and how we are doing it.**

**Twitter Marketing with AI**
This is the most important aspect for every single project, but also the most time-consuming and budget-burning aspect of all…but that is part of the past, because we are in the future now and we got **AI.**

Our initial goal was to find a way to automate repetitive task, but we went one step beyond since we were able to create unique engaging content all the time (without constant mental burnouts)😪


[Real twitter analytics from recent tests](


* **Creating and Generating Tweets with AI**

* This is the initial step for every account, to find their voice, generate tweets and PRAYING TO THE TWITTER GODS that it is engaging…just to later find out that it has 2 likes (one is yours) and the other is from your alt account…
* With the power of AI we were able to fully automate, and generate unique and engaging tweets that got us massive results since day 1.
Initially we used ChatGPT, but we found a few issues with it…it was too repetitive, and it was not “automatic” all it did was generate tweets, but it did not post them, learn from them or improve with the time…
So then we found []( which was a Life-Saver for us since it not only helped us generate the tweets, but it also allowed us to teach the AI System to get inspired from other accounts. Therefore this allowed us to create original tweets but using inspiration from already winning accounts…this was just mind blowing 🤯
This new system posted the tweets for us using AI, but also became smarter every day and learned when to post, and to improve the tweets to maximize engagement.
* **Twitter Replies (Creating Relationships + Growing Community)**

* The golden secret behind every big twitter account is becoming the #1 Reply Guy. This has helped huge projects grow their community since people trust them, and they show dedication to it…
But becoming the #1 Reply Guy means being stuck to your phone non-stop. Who does that? I mean work, life, family, enjoying, daily chores get in the way which makes this almost impossible.
Well it is now possible with AI because it has allowed us to Grow while we work, while we sleep, while we enjoy…without lifting a finger…all on autopilot 24/7.

* All we had to do is go in the []( system setup our AI Personality, select the usernames that we want the AI to automatically reply to and that’s it. Now it runs on autopilot.
The system uses AI to read the tweets, then using our personality it creates a positive and unique response that helps us increase our engagement and constantly be active non-stop!

[Smart AI Reply feature in action. Yes LilMango was powered by AI and is helping him reply automatically](


* The way we are using it to grow NFT Projects is we are setting up 2-5x accounts using AI and then we set them up to constantly talk about the project, its benefits, its features to other accounts. This has been driving MASSIVE TRAFFIC to the projects and converting them to paid holders!
* **It’s like having your own Social Media Marketing Team, but smarter, faster, that never sleeps and…much much much cheaper haha (sorry guys, we miss you but we got AI now 💖)**
* **Twitter Engagement with AI (Driving Massive Traffic)**
* So far we in this post you learned how to automate all the content parts of your Twitter Account using AI for Marketing but…what about the small but powerful things like Retweeting and Liking?
* Well we discovered a way to automate that using AI as well.
Note: This is not your typical auto-bot that has existed for years…this is using AI which means that it knows exactly when to like, when to retweet and constantly learns to become an improved version of yourself.
* When you like or RT other peoples posts it makes you a true twitter warrior that is constantly engaging and this generates massive traffic to your twitter account since people will start following you, checking your posts and interacting as well.
With AI we are able to do this on Autopilot, all we have to do is setup the Smart AI Engagement Feature and the Smart AI Retweet feature…and thats it. Yes just 2 steps.
* The Smart AI Engagement feature has allowed us to provide a tweet from a specific niche we are interested in and then our account will automatically start following people using AI and liking their content. This has made us get massive growth due to organic followers (real people) that now engage with our content.


[Feature inside dashboard to create Engagement using AI](


[Feature inside dashboard to setup RT’s using AI](


* This has become our secret weapon for Complete Twitter Marketing using the Power of AI. We have been able to eliminate the need for influencers, social media managers, marketing teams. **The crazy part is that AI has outperformed every single “service” we used in the past and at a fraction of the cost.**

🤫 Can’t say much but we might have or have not been able to create complete Twitter Raids using AI. I know you were thinking about it!

**Holder Benefits and AI Assistants**
AI is so powerful that it has even allowed us to use it as part of the roadmap and Holder Benefits. You are probably wondering…how is that even possible?

Well it’s easy, information is one of the most valuable resources!

Therefore using AI we have been able to build custom AI Personalities that interact with holders. One recent case has been our “BudTenders” which is our AI Personality trained to act as an “Expert Cannabis Assistant”


[Custom Personality replying instantly using AI](

This has allowed entire groups of holders to ask questions, get recommendations and clear all their doubts 24/7 as if they were chatting with a real person…the only difference is the AI is smarter, faster and better than anyone you might know!

Projects using AI have shown an increase in holder retention, holder engagement and even secondary sales due to the AI Assistants which are constantly helping you.


So now you are probably wondering…how can I start applying this?

Well AI makes it easy for people to use it, but the reality is that behind the scenes there is a lot of coding, testing, servers, maintenance and a lot more going on.

I believe in making things easy to help people grow, reap the benefits and make a positive change in their lives.

Therefore we partnered with which have made all of the above accessible with just 1 click. Yes, Smart AI Tweets, Smart AI Personality, Smart AI Replies, Smart AI Engagement and more.

**Currently they are in BETA Early-Access and have opened only 10x Limited Spots for Reddit Users using this link** [**

**They also have their LIFETIME Package available. Yes they also accept Crypto.**

Using AI in 2023 will be the competitive advantage you are looking for with instant results. It allows you to have more time, more growth and focus on what you really need to do. Anyone NOT using AI in 2023 will be miles behind from those that do.

Got any questions or recommendations? Put them in the comments always happy to help people grow their projects, and give them advice on how to grow using AI

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