How to recover NFTs from compromised account?

Hey my wallet was compromised recently and I’m super bummed about it. I’m a little new to all this and setting up burners/purchasing a hardware wallet was on my to-do list but the hacker beat me to the punch I guess! Anyway I lost a (to me) substantial amount of ETH which is a bummer. The good news is that my NFTs are all still in the wallet though. However, there is a sweeper on my old wallet, preventing me from accumulating enough funds to pay the transaction fees to move the NFTs to a fresh wallet. Does anybody know how I can regain custody of these NFTs? Thanks so much.

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4 thoughts on “How to recover NFTs from compromised account?”

  1. First thing to…log into comprised account and enter directly into the MM browser

    Revoke all allowances.

    There are basically two way a wallet get comprised

    1. A malicious dapp will token approvals ( fixes)

    2. Someone has your secret key (dead wallet no fix)

    2b. Someone has you password (change password fixed)


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