How do I use NFTS & “real world” items

I understand digital NFTs (jpegs etc.)

But how do I use NFTs with real world objects?

Take for example an expensive item such as Jordans or a Gucci something or a designer jewelry which I want to use an nft to prove originality (ie non fake)

An nft has its address in which you can see it’s history and in what wallet it’s at now. The seller can sign a message for the buyer to see he owns the nft before selling. Then buy-sell and the item moves to the buyer wallet

But How do I embed the uniqueness of the digital nft in a real world item? Because I can still own the real digital nft and still get scammed and have a fake item.

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1 thought on “How do I use NFTS & “real world” items”

  1. You may want to think of it (NFT + real world item) as a certificate of authenticity like people get with real world collectibles (coins, dolls, etc.).

    You can get scammed on the sale trade of one of those too – but the presence of the certificate of authenticity tends to make people feel more trustworthy to work with.

    With one added benefit: Your NFT can be traced back to the original mint on the ledger and proven.

    While it’s possible that a scammer would have a legit Jordan NFT that can be ledger validated AND fake shoes to scam you with – that doesn’t scale all that well. So, thanks to the ledger, the NFT is even more trustworthy than a paper certificate of authenticity on that real world item.

    Possible to scam? Yeah sure. More authentic thanks to data? Yup! I think, over time, this will be something people do connect the dots on and look for in the collectibles world.


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