how do I tie an NFT to a physical object?

So let’s pretend I want to mint a metal object. Your choice of metal. I can generate the molds, I want them serialized, so that’s debasing if I understand correctly, but how do I get that specific item on the Blockchain as both an item and a representation of physical stake. Just an object. Displacement would probably be nearly 20oz, x that by current gold price, and it becomes a full on controlled asset tether.

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8 thoughts on “how do I tie an NFT to a physical object?”

  1. I’m not sure i totally understand what you mean, but i think first in order to make an nft out of a real object, you first have to make a digital version of that physical object. It could be as simple as a photograph or as complex as 3d model or a video.

    So you would take the physical object, photograph it, upload the resulting image to one of the well known services out there. Set your digital image for sale for the price including the image and the physical object.

    If you get a buyer, they get the image and you mail them the physical object.

    Is this what you were looking for?

  2. Create object. > Create NFT of objects. > Sell NFT > allow buyer to send you details of shipping > send them Object.

    If you have any questions feel free to message me, I’m a web3 dev and have seen similar stuff.

  3. If resources are finite, here’s how I see imagine it:
    -Create the NFT art (mold picture or 3d model)
    -Mint the appropriate number of NFT
    -Serialize the molds according to the token address
    -Sell them for a higher price than weight x price of gold

    If you can manage to maintain production and minting beyond those 20oz get a dev team and work on some algorithmic coin pegged to that reserve or whatever solution you can find

  4. Is it better to open an art store than accept crypto? I.e. the contract of your trade with the buyer is on the block chain and the buyer receives a real art work.

    It’s because an art work in our reality is already non-fungible.

    If you send both a digital image of your art work and the real object to your buyer, they could sell it separately in the future. It’s because the digital one and the real one are not actually binded together. At that moment, it lost the purpose that the image and the object are together as an nft.


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