How do I create an undeleteable nft?

I am an inventor and I am looking for some method to secure my authorship.
Authorship, not copyright/patent type of thing.
I am basically looking for a method to post online in a way so that nobody could delete it.

Could NFT be used for that?
If so should I use certain blockchains over the other or any is good?

ps googling “how create undeletable nft” just gives instructions on how to delete an nft.

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1 thought on “How do I create an undeleteable nft?”

  1. nfts are basically undeletable. Tokens are more concerned with ownership. When someone “deletes” an nft they usually will send it to what’s called a burn address. One can potentially remove or change an nft’s metadata but they typically have to be the owner of the associated smart contract. When you burn an nft, it still exists on the blockchain but is owned by no one


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