How did you find your perfect marketplace?

Hey guys, let’s discuss a little bit about NFT Marketplaces as there are more and more of them every day, so I’m curious about how you managed to gain trust in some of them when you started using them. Did you mostly start trading on NFT marketplaces thanks to a recommendation or did you take a risk and listen to your intuition?

When my brother called me one day, he told me about the first shooting blockchain game and how impressed he was with the entire platform, so I asked if there was maybe an NFT Marketplace on that platform beyond games and Metaverse, and I received a positive response. My brother informed me that at their marketplace, they have absolutely everything.

So, that’s how I found out about a new NFT marketplace called ICICB, they have also created that shooting game Ares my bro was talking about is pretty cool ( for all shooter fans heh), even if you don’t want to test the marketplace.

Another great thing about it is that their marketplace is connected to their own Metaverse. This allows users to purchase NFTs like clothes, accessories, and cars to immerse themselves in their dream lives.

So far, I haven’t had the courage to try any marketplace without a recommendation from a person I trust lol.
How did you find your perfect NFT marketplace?

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4 thoughts on “How did you find your perfect marketplace?”

  1. I can’t use a marketplace just like that, I’d rather listen to suggestions or, if I decide to use one, I’ll do extensive research on it for days. I will do the same with ICICB since I like their marketplace, it appears good, but I will first explore it well. Safety first đŸ¤·

  2. Sometimes I like to take risks, but ofc it’s best to know in advance how things stand and to have someone’s recommendation. I guess I have been using the ICICB marketplace longer than you and I can say that you will certainly love it, even more, it is great, I have only positive experiences.


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