How did you all get into NFTs?

Hi all. I’m currently researching the history and economics of NFTs. While there isn’t much academic literature on the topic, I would like to get to understand the topic better by speaking to those who are personally involved with the phenomenon.

How did you all get into NFTs? Before investing in NFTs, did you have any prior experience in dealing with cryptocurrency? How have your investments in NFTs performed?

If anyone is willing, I’d love to interview some NFT investors over voice chat or private messages to discuss in further detail.

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1 thought on “How did you all get into NFTs?”

  1. I’ve always been a fan of CryptoPunks (Larva Labs), but the price was incredibly high. I started to research NFT and Metaverse-related projects. Mana was the first one along with Decentraland and Everlens (a big disappointment). Then I got close with Substrate-based projects working with NFTs like Unique and Gaming (Ajuna and Celer).

    I’m not keeping many NFT arts, so my investments are based on projects that I like. The performance hasn’t been good so far, but I’m confident that NFT has a big future ahead. I like the way the infrastructure is being built to support other trends.


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