How crypto referral programs can improve marketing campaigns in today’s world … my personal point of view

In the last year, we saw the biggest bull market in the history of blockchain, with an adoption rate that increased by over **300%**, and new trends such as **NFTs** that created controversial discussion in the space.

Traditional referral programs now focus on providing users with a whole range of decision-making in what they can choose to gain, from experiences such as movie tickets to cashback in fiat currency purchases.

However, this wide horizon of decisions about things that people can get as rewards comes with a lot of problems and inconveniences from companies. Seeing this high adoption rate in the crypto market, some companies are beginning to consider restricting their rewards program options to a more compact and attractive solution. For example, **Mastercard** has decided to enter this new domain, by introducing innovative loyalty and referral programs with cryptocurrency.

But for brands to start offering crypto rewards in the form of chips and **NFTs**, they need well-trained engineers with space experience and a capable team of marketers who can handle the entire business at acceptable costs. The faster movement in recent years has taken many companies unprepared, with a lack of specialized people able to adapt to new market conditions.

[**Runus**]( can solve this problem with its innovative system which offers auto-generated referral codes and a pool of rewards that the business chose for the referral campaign. Only with a few clicks, businesses can start their crypto referral program and mint for their new customers unique NFTs with special attributes.

Crypto referral marketing can convert your loyal customers into your top marketers at a significantly less cost. As you know popular crypto games have made so many people earn more money by playing regular and earning tokens for their skills. Why not convert normal people and incentivize them to become your promoters?

A new era is approaching, but we are still in the phase of early adoption. If you decide to join today, you will have so much to earn.

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