How can I create NFT based swag for Project Teams?

I’m a project manager and want to give my project team some kinda swag for a successful project completion. In the past I’ve seen mugs, photographs, funko-pops etc.

I’d love to explore the possibility of creating an NFT that my team may be able to share on their social media. However, I’d also like to have the NFT to have two levels of visibility – one for public that doesn’t disclose the client, and one to share on internal platforms that does have the client information & more details about the project.

The reason I think NFTs could be interesting is that it would offer the project team some swag to disclose something about their experience working on the project in an “non-fungible” manner that potential future employers may be able to authenticate.

Maybe a stupid idea but is something like that even possible? How do I go about creating something like this?

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