How are people going to spend their cryptocurrency?

I recently had a conversation with one of my business associates. We’ve been doing dropshipping for a couple of years now and one of the topics he brought up was how do we spend our crypto? Coming onto Reddit, a redditor told me about NFTs and I went to search up. Turns out that there has been a project building out an e-commerce platform. I have the link up. It looks smooth, UI/UX is good. Haven’t bought anything off there yet but it seems like a bold move. If mainstream adoption happens, I’ll most probably be looking to list some stuff up as well to test waters. If anyone has any idea on the platform and what the team is building do let me know in the comments. Heard they received alot of FUD for hosting a party in Bali or something LOL.

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2 thoughts on “How are people going to spend their cryptocurrency?”

  1. Haha.. Bali is the best place for parties! But I guess with the recent shock of Binance having an issue with the bank providing their SWIFT capabilities for customers to offload their crypto to real world money, having a simple way to spend your crypto without fiat conversion will be a game changer. No more hassle of having to transfer crypto all around and incur unnecessary fees!


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